Horses available as companions

Older horses, or those who have sustained injuries that prevent them from being ridden, are available to rehome as companions...

Many of our ex-racehorses can and do live a useful and sound life well into their 20s and beyond. Often they are overlooked but in reality they have so much to offer – especially as companion horses.

Some of our Sale/Lease or Club horses are also suitable as companions, see below for links to their profiles.

HEROS companion horses come with a clean bill of health – generally they just can’t be ridden. We never put a healthy horse down but we are not a sanctuary and desperately need to create places.

Other ways you can help our older horses is to sponsor/donate and join the HEROS Club – FIND OUT MORE...

Sale/Lease and Club Horses also suitable as companions: ARTHUR WARDLE | FINAL VERSE | MAN OF THE MATCH | MUSEUM