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At HEROS we have a group of around 10 to 12 former racehorses, who for different reasons stay here and make up The HEROS Club.

The reasons may include age, injury, or behavioural issues and the plan is to give these horses a happy retirement, free to live on our hills, with all the care, support and understanding from our experienced staff that they deserve. These individual characters’ particular care needs are a very special part of HEROS landscape.

Members of the club donate a monthly amount from £3 per month and upwards and every penny of these donations goes towards the care of these beautiful souls, who have given so much to the Racing Industry during their younger years.

Having had previously busy lives these horses still benefit from having a purpose, therefore many of our Club horses participate in our education
programme and work with the students, whilst others are first-class companions to other horses here who may need a calming influence whilst their lives transition.

We are so grateful to our committed members of The HEROS Club for supporting the horses and securing their future at HEROS.

Please consider joining us and giving horses, that have given us so much pleasure, a happy, enjoyable and loving retirement.