The Team

HEROS Charity is only as strong as its team. We are very fortunate, and extremely grateful, to have such great experience to call upon in the people that work with and for us.

We are also very grateful to our extended team of Trustees, Patrons and Ambassadors along with our HEROS Club members for every single element of their support. We quite simply couldn’t do it without them and certainly not without the generosity of the public.


Chief Executive and founder of HEROS Charity

Grace Muir grew up with horses on her father, David John (Ian) Muir’s, Fawley Stud which he owned and ran as one of the most successful studs of its time. He foaled in excess of 95 mares each year and stood up to five stallions at any one time.

She expanded her knowledge of thoroughbreds and the racing industry whilst working for Kim Brassey, Jenny Pitman and Richard Hannon, before moving on to KBIS, the equine insurance specialists where she worked in the claims department. She has gained a wealth of knowledge throughout her involvement with horses from a very young age and was appointed Stud Manager at North Farm Stud in 1998. She has continued to expand the business and evolve with the times so that North Farm Stud is in a position to offer a full range of services.

Grace’s knowledge of the veterinary/rehabilitation side is extensive; at a young age she wanted to become a vet but now is doing the next best thing, nursing horses back to health and getting to the bottom of veterinary issues they have to get them back on track to enjoy a healthy life. This is an invaluable asset when assessing horses and their ability to do other jobs after racing, it enables her to get them back on track following their injuries.

Grace has always had a keen interest in the welfare and future of ex-racehorses and her interest in the rehoming side has grown since 1989. Fully supported by her parents and the team at North Farm Stud she has successfully rehomed more than 500 horses over the years.

Grace founded HEROS Charity in 2006 and it was granted charitable status in July of that year and is supported by RoR (Retraining of Racehorses) which is the British Horseracing’s official charity for the welfare of racehorses leaving training.

In 2008 Grace was honoured to receive the Pride of Racing Award in recognition of her outstanding devotion and commitment to caring for ex-racehorses and her success in rehabilitating sick and injured racehorses back to full health. Following that in 2009, HEROS was chosen by the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) to be the charity to benefit from funds raised at their annual dinner. Grace and her Trustees are extremely proud that HEROS achieved this recognition in such a short space of time.

She is determined to make HEROS Charity an even greater success and provide the best service it can to the horses that give so much pleasure to so many people in their New Life After Racing. The new initiative at HEROS will give added focus to Education and Training for people as well as horses.


Charity Administrator

Hilary has worked in the office at HEROS Charity since 2008 having previously been a Sunday volunteer on the yard. She has a very keen interest in the welfare of ex-racehorses and has a fairly good knowledge of racing having been a member of Elite Racing Club for almost 30 years.

She has also worked part-time on the yard here for many years so understands the day to day running and organisation which certainly helps with knowing the horses better.

Hilary attends all the fund raising events and organises visits to the yard for people who support HEROS and also for those wanting to take on an ex-racehorse.

Hilary says the most satisfying part of her job is receiving photos, videos and news from successful re-homers.

The HEROS Education Team