Grants & Charitable Trusts

We regularly make applications for grants and are lucky to be in reciept of proceeds from charitable trusts to support our work and charity activity. If you know of anything that may be of interest to support our charitable work, horse welfare and educational programs we would be delighted to hear from you and welcome opportunities.

We are grateful for all the Charitable Trusts and Grants we have receive that support HEROS Charity in its aims to achieve greater things…


HEROS Charity would like to thank the Racing Foundation for their continued support: “…the Foundation extended its support of a pioneering initiative being developed by HEROS (Homing of Ex Racehorses Organisation Scheme), to formalise a training and education programme in the field of retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses.  The Trustees agreed multi-year funding to further develop, trial and market a range of activities, building on the significant progress made by a pilot project during 2015. The programme will also provide learning and employment opportunities for those interested in working within racing and related industries.”


HEROS Charity would like to acknowledge the generous grant received from The Racing Foundation to floodlight the outdoor school. Initially the facility improves the quality of horses being rehomed due to the expansion of working hours in the winter months, offering flexible and preferred hours to potential clients. Additionally, staff have prolonged periods of time to work with the horses on a one-to-one basis, giving essential schooling and attention, which is desired by prospective horse owners.


HEROS Charity was extremely lucky to receive a British Horseracing Grant Scheme for marketing, advertising and running costs of a residential facility to promote safe, appropriate and long-term matches between thoroughbred ex-racehorses and new owners; meeting the project criteria in that it “improves the education and training of participants, including jockeys, stable staff and racehorse trainers, and meet their training needs in identified areas of concern”. HEROS Charity would like to acknowledge and thank the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the British Horseracing Authority for their support.


  • The Fred and Marjorie Sainsbury Charitable Trust
  • The Camelia Trust
  • The Michael & Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust
  • Petplan Charitable Trust