The team
HEROS Charity is only as strong as its team. We are very fortunate, and extremely grateful, to have such great experience to call upon in the people that work with and for us.
Livery 6
Our History
Every year thousands of racehorses leave the sport due to injury, old age or a lack of ability. But retirement from racing does not have to mean the end. This was the conclusion Grace Muir reached whilst working as Stud Manager at North Farm Stud near Wantage in England.
HEROS Charity is fortunate to be able to utilise many of the facilities available at North Farm Stud.

We regularly make applications for grants and are lucky to be in reciept of proceeds from charitable trusts to support our work and charity activity. If you know of anything that may be of interest to support our charitable work, horse welfare and educational programs we would be delighted to hear from you and welcome opportunities.