Welcome to HEROS Charity

HEROS Charity has been in operation since 2006. The Charity began with a focus on ex-racehorse re-training and re-homing. Now, in addition to a range of work associated with horses from birth to old age, HEROS provides a range of education and training including alternative to school placements and offers a variety of courses from age 11 onwards. Some youngsters may struggle with mainstream education – others may be progressing towards the workplace. With support from The Racing Foundation and our many other partners, HEROS is proud of the individual care offered to all the horses and learners at HEROS.

HEROS is immensely grateful to our sponsors, donors, individuals, corporate bodies and the racing industry for all that they give. We are grateful for the very many supporters who all help us to fundraise. HEROS Charity could not continue without help from them.


HEROS was granted charitable status in 2006 supported by North Farm Stud, where the charity is based.  RoR also offer financial support in the setup and ongoing work of HEROS.


Since 2015 and supported financially by The Racing Foundation HEROS has been working on its education programmes.

Our valued supporters

We could not continue our valuable work without the support of our many friends and donors, including corporate sponsors. Without their support many HEROS Charity fundraising events would not be possible; we are grateful to our sponsors for the opportunity their support provides in enabling us to take our fundraising activities to a wider audience.