A Tribute to Old Friends


16th  MAY 1997  –  4th JULY 2021

Sunday 4th July was the saddest day of my life. My precious ‘Normy’ closed his eyes for the very last time and with such incredible dignity peacefully slipped away.

I don’t need to explain how much Normy meant to me as most of you know.

Lost in  Normandy was larger than life character with a heart and soul filled with an endless joy for life always totally and selflessly wanting to please.

Normy taught me so much during our years together, the confidence he instilled in me was second to none and every single day it was a complete honour and privilege to be his “Mummy”

After his passing many of you are aware I set up a fundraiser – In Loving Memory, to raise donations for HEROS, a very special  Charity, where me and my Boy very first met. I set a target of £500.00 which was reached so quickly. I don’t know the exact amount finally raised but believe it to be around £700.00, an incredible sum which to me is a pure testament to Normy’s popularity.

He had such a vast following, was so adored and loved by many, the messages, comments etc I received afterwards amount to no fewer than over 5,000.

I thank you all for them and the donations from the bottom of my heart,

Lost in Normandy’s group will always remain open on Facebook.

We had the most amazing and fantastic journey together, I never knew such perfection could ever exist in a horse.

There are 3 moments I would like to share with you, a tiny insight into Normy’s very special character.

He was such a placid gentleman, of course with the odd and occasional tb quirk, one of those being when a mare in the vicinity came in to season. Normy became this huge ball of testosterone with roars a dinosaur would’ve been proud of!!!

The time my friend and I decided to go for a nice steady canter,  something I so loved to  do with Normy. However, on this occasion Himself had other ideas…..when my friends horse decided to spook a little way up the field Normy grabbed the opportunity to go ‘up a notch’! Next thing we were galloping up the field flat out, I remember thinking O no we are heading towards a hedge and Normy is ex NH! Somehow I managed to turn him, threw him his reins and we finally pulled up. The glint in his eye said “Mummy I was always going to look after you, I just wanted you to experience my speed!

Then there was the fun dressage day at  Rhos Farm. I took Normy in the arena and was warming him up, I was feeling rather proud and pleased with myself, Normy was going beautifully, I left the arena and continued to walk him around waiting for the bell. The bell was rung and in a split second, I was no longer sitting on a beautifully soft and relaxed pony, but was now on this explosive ball of energy wanting to get ‘to post ‘ as quickly as possible! I managed to eventually get some sort of control back and just about managed to get through the test without putting my legs on once!!!

Lost in Normandy was the King of Rhos Farm and truly my unconditional HERO.

I have included in this Tribute the post a truly wonderful person put on National Hunt’s Enthusiasts fb group.

Normy is laid to rest at Rhos Farm overlooking his beautiful views forever.

Thank you to Norm’s Lessee and Norm’s friends for raising money for HEROS in his memory. 


RAPPORTEUR was put to sleep in August 2012 with his friend MURPHY (racing name ASSEMBLY DANCER. They had been together here for 14 years and were both given to Grace after their, very different, racing careers.

RAPPORTEUR ran 84 times over seven seasons, a middle distance flat horse. He won a total of 19 races, all at Lingfield, breaking the course record. On one occasion, after his  retirement, Lingfield named a race in his honour and he made an appearance to parade. He returned there a few years ago on a HEROS Charity Race Day, where he once again paraded and we were all so proud that at 23 years old he looked a picture and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

MURPHY raced 36 times over four seasons, a dual purpose horse he never really found his distance, racing from mile on the flat to almost 3 miles over hurdles. MURPHY’s career started inauspiciously when he ‘slipped up’ in a flat race at Naas. Although managing a second place and a couple of third places he was never the victor.

He and RAPP were a fine pair together in retirement and would always be seen at each other’s side picking grass and will always have a place at the heart of HEROS Charity.


SNIPPY was put to sleep on New Year’s Eve 2010 following a bout of colic. He had been enjoying his last few days in a herd of old timers – he would have been officially 25 years old on New Year’s Day. We will remember him very fondly as he was a really lovely old gentleman and was quite a character. Charlie Mann, who rode him to victory in the Pardubice, was extremely sad to hear the news, but holds some wonderful memories of such a wonderful camapaigner.

We sadly said goodbye to two other HEROS Club horses in 2010, GOOD SAMARITAN and COIN OF THE REALM. We would like to pay tribute to all three who were all very special and wonderful boys.