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For jockeys unsure what to do next, and who want to get a better understanding of different career options…

Friends of JETS offer jockeys the practical opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace through work experience or placements. For jockeys unsure what to do next, and who want to get a better understanding of different career options, Friends of JETS can offer specialist advice and taster days to introduce JETS candidates to different career sectors.

By joining up with businesses who are aware of the potential of jockeys as employees, and who understand the issues they face when retiring from the sport, the aim is to broaden the network of support available and provide valuable assistance for jockeys taking their next step after race riding.

Lisa Delany of JETS says: “We hope that this new scheme will benefit the businesses we work with as well as our candidates who have gained a lot of skills that are relevant in today’s workplace. Often it is the practical experience and advice that they need and we hope that this new scheme will provide a stronger relationship between our candidates and businesses who can offer a range of career opportunities across different sectors.”

A similar scheme has already been successfully launched in Ireland with the Friends of the Irish Jockeys Trust. Businesses such as Paddy Power and Coolmore are signed up. JETS already reciprocally promotes JWETS (Jockeys Work Education & Training Scheme) and it is hoped that this new venture by JETS can help grow an even more collaborative approach to career development for jockeys both in the UK and Ireland.

HEROS Charity is delighted to be Friend of JETS and build on its work to develop a #NewLifeAfterRacing not only for the horses after retiring from racing but for our human connections as well. Contact the team at HEROS Charity to find out more.

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