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Thank you to all who attended the HEROS Charity Annual Show here at North Farm Stud on Sunday 30th June and to all our Volunteers, Judges and Stewards.

Please see the results below (or download a results document here) and if you would like photographs please visit True To You Photography – Sunday 30th June.

2019 HEROS Annual Show results

  • In Hand Championship – TOM with Jess Baldwin
  • Ridden Championship – CHINOOK CASAVA ridden by Dulcie West
  • Hunter Championship – CONEYGREE ridden by Sarah Bradstock


Class 1: FIRST Jeanette Turner and Kilmanseck – SECOND Angie Andrews and Guardsman  – THIRD Mark Hunt and Mouse

Class 2: FIRST Mollie Hawkins and Snelsmore Quirell – SECOND Charlotte Bunyard and Severndale Poppy – THIRD Mark Hunt and Mouse

Class 3: FIRST Jess Baldwin and Tom – SECOND Jim Milne and Cheating Chance – THIRD Angie Andrews and Guardsman

Class 4: FIRST Emma Tyler and Toullabeg Marvel – SECOND Jess Baldwin and Tom– THIRD Jolie and Humbug

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7:

Class 8: JOINT FIRST Sian Davies and Coedeneirin Night Life – Bettina Tunnell and Tyr Llawn Sparticus

Class 9: FIRST Dulcie West and Chinook Casava (Savvy) – SECOND Jennifer Herbert and Touch of Gold – THIRD Laura Fowler and Cherokee

Class 10: FIRST Katie Mieczkowska and Toullabeg Marvel – SECOND Kitty Winfield and Aslan – THIRD Laura Fowler and Cherokee


Class 11: FIRST Jim Milne and Cheating Chance – SECOND Courtney and Catkin Copse – THIRD Kuba and Asmaradana

Class 12: FIRST XXX and Kilminsek – SECOND Janine Gosney and Tsaritsino – THIRD XXX and Koha

Class 13: FIRST Ilona Barnett and Catch Tammy – SECOND Lise Wood and Emma’s Secrets – THIRD Nicola Hawkins and Coneygree

Class 14:

Class 15: FIRST Sarah Bradstock and Coneygree – SECOND Amanda Mills and Youm Jamil – THIRD Jeanette Turner and Kilmanseck

Class 16: FIRST Sarah Bradstock and Coneygree – SECOND Amanda Mills and Youm Jamil – THIRD Ilona Barnett and Catch Tammy

Class 17:

Class 18: FIRST Tamsin Karn and Heezazari – SECOND Samantha Perks and Strength n Honour


Class 19: FIRST Kate Mieczkowska and Toullabeg Marvel – SECOND Polly Hutson and Carry

Class 20: FIRST Amber Stiles and Smartie

Class 21: FIRST Olivia Jermey and Stan – SECOND Amber Stiles and Smartie

Class 22: FIRST Lily Bradstock and Freddie – SECOND Laura Fowler and Cherokee – THIRD Jo Stiles and Smartie

Class 23: FIRST Lily Bradstock and Freddie

Class 24:

Class 25:

Class 26:

Our valued supporters

We could not continue our valuable work without the support of our many friends and donors, including corporate sponsors. Without their support many HEROS Charity fundraising events would not be possible; we are grateful to our sponsors for the opportunity their support provides in enabling us to take our fundraising activities to a wider audience.