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Do you wish you had the time and space to practice common equine clinical skills?

To discuss practices and procedures with colleagues and gain experience in a relaxed setting?

Come and join us at North Farm Stud for a highly practical week, aiming to get you comfortable at doing essential equine ambulatory work in a safe, stress-free environment!

While doing this you will support the charity’s veterinary and education work, improving the health and welfare of both animals and humans.

This training is unique as it allows you to have daily hands-on practice, under the support and guidance of experienced colleagues.

This training will help you learn how to triage and manage all types of cases, how to communicate effectively with various audiences and how to tackle scenarios where there are financial constraints or where you only have access to bare minimum equipment.

The training also provides a look at the legal, social and One Health implications of veterinary equine work, as well as guidance to accessing resources and clinical support.


Upon successful completion of the 5 day course, you will be issued with an attendance certificate and you will join our projects and opportunities list!

This will give you priority on training, volunteering and job opportunities that should arise.

5-day equine training course (Monday to Friday).

Each day has a focus topic, which is delivered whilst working around emergencies and routine care.

Focus topics include:

  • How to set up your car (understanding what to prioritise and how to fit it all in!)
  • Horse handling and restraining methods (from physical techniques to sedation and anaesthesia).
  • Physical examination and drug administration techniques.
  • Dentistry and weight management (how to assess a mouth, use of the gag and common dentistry tools, looking at nutrition, weight management and diagnostics to assess the GI system).
  • Using common diagnostic tools (how to make best use of your stethoscope, x-ray and ultrasound, ophthalmoscope and various gadgets we are all unsure of)
  • Tackling a lameness (from identification to work up, including shoe removal, hoof trimming and testing, nerve blocks and bandaging/splinting techniques)
  • Getting familiar with lab results and how to reporting your clinical findings.
  • Surgery principles and techniques (with seasonal exposure to procedures such as castrations, hernia repairs, skin mass removals)

Shared accommodation. Single occupancy rooms, but with a shared bathroom.

Wi-fi is available. Laundry facilities are accessible (including washer/drier). Meals will not be provided but there will be basic breakfast essentials (coffee, tea, milk, toast and jam). There are a number of shops, takeaways and restaurants within 5 miles of North Farm Stud.

North farm Stud is on the Berkshire Downs, with the Ridgeway (Britain’s oldest Road) accessible by foot/bike/horseback from the farm. For keen explorers this will provide you with miles of outstanding beauty to discover!

  • Wellies and yard suitable footwear.
  • A towel and personal toiletries (basics are provided).
  • A variety of clothes (suitable in the cold and warm) as the course is partly outdoors.
  • Stethoscope and thermometer.
  • A travel tea/coffee mug!

4 spaces available per week. 40 weeks per year (visit our website for availability).

Vet students and new-graduates. Priority is given to more advanced students (year 4-5) or new graduates, as this is a highly practical course.

£500 for the week*


* additional charges may be charged to your associated University/Organisation to cover insurance and admin costs.

HEROS was founded in 2006 at North Farm Stud (in southern Oxfordshire). Their mission is to retrain and rehome ex-racehorses whose racing days are over. During the years, HEROS expanded their educational work to help SEN (special education need) children, as an alternative to school placement and to get them back on track, using and combining them to the horses. WVS is proud to work with HEROS, by providing free veterinary care and advice to the many horses in its care, while inspiring and motivating the children that work and learn from them