Since 2015 and supported financially by The Racing Foundation HEROS has been working on its education programmes.  We are now gaining huge recognition in the local community as a first class “Alternative to school” placement for children who do not thrive in the school/classroom environment and are better suited to education outside the mainstream system.

Training is delivered in Functional Skills for Maths and English and we also teach to GCSE level when needed. Mentoring is given in life skills such as: cooking on a budget, eating a healthy diet; managing your money; working as part of a team and dealing with conflict to name a few.

Students progress from these foundation courses to do either a six month Traineeship, or may go straight onto an Apprenticeship depending on their ability and progress. We work with KEITS as our Training Provider to deliver these courses at a high level. The aims are to get these young people into the workplace and enjoy and recognize their success at whatever level. We encourage the students to take up employment in the racing industry but would support whatever route they are interested in. HEROS’ wonderful horses help all our students, including children and adults with Special Educational Needs (SEN), to gain the necessary attributes to take them on to an exciting future.

About Us

Every year thousands of racehorses leave the sport due to injury, old age or a lack of ability. But retirement from racing does not have to mean the end. This was the conclusion Grace Muir reached whilst working as Stud Manager at North Farm Stud near Wantage in England.


Whether you are interested in starting a career in the horse racing industry or looking to develop your current levels of training, then HEROS Charity has a range of courses for you to choose from.

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Whether large or small there are benefits to supporting a charity for the year including team building and pulling everyone together for a target.

Our valued supporters

We could not continue our valuable work without the support of our many friends and donors, including corporate sponsors. Without their support many HEROS Charity fundraising events would not be possible; we are grateful to our sponsors for the opportunity their support provides in enabling us to take our fundraising activities to a wider audience.