“The week of EMS I completed with WVS was incredible and I cannot recommend it enough. It is by far the most hands-on equine clinical EMS I have completed as there were so many opportunities to improve and develop my practical skills; from routine vaccines to surgical procedures. The teachers are incredible and took the time to explain anything I didn’t understand and gave me much more confidence in both my knowledge and practical skills. I had seriously struggled to get any EMS due to the coronavirus restrictions and was really concerned about the clinical experience I was missing out on, but this week allowed me to learn about equine ambulatory work as well as the day one skills required of an equine veterinarian.”

Sam DinnieFinal year vet student, Aug 2020

“I feel that I have learned more and gotten to do more clinical work with horses than I have in the past 5 years at vet school. We were able to do solo radiographs and ultrasounds of multiple horses, so by the end of the week I felt completely competent and comfortable doing them. Same goes for IV blood drawing and sedation. By the end of the week I felt like I could sedate any horse that I came across with ease. I was also able to perform a cyst removal and able to suture the skin back solo. We also discussed how to load your car when starting as an Equine veterinarian. I found this so helpful because I feel like that’s just something, you’re supposed to figure out on your first day on the job. Now we have a good idea of where to start for sure. Not only were we exposed to so many things we’ll come across in everyday practice, we also were taught how to improvise and think outside the box.”

Casie ReigelFinal year vet student, Sept 2020

“I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, especially as I have had very little clinical experience with horses. It is something I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get a bit more experience in just basic horse calls you would do out in practice. I would like very much to go on any other placements WVS has around the world as it is something I am very interested in, doing volunteer work and training in many different countries”

Rachel MacLeodFinal year vet student, Sept 2020