HEROS Charity/ North Farm Stud has been an amazing experience for me. I began volunteering as part of a recommendation by my counsellor in order to help me build up my confidence due to being out of work for over a year and suffering with bad anxiety my whole life. My previous work experiences have been fairly negative and found myself very nervous and confused and seemingly making a few mistakes and not progressing as quickly as my managers had wanted. This being said, I was a bit nervous to start with, but I was reassured from the beginning that HEROS/NFS were a very understanding organisation and willing to help, and I felt comfortable and welcomed as soon as I arrived. 

 All the staff members are so friendly and helpful and also very hardworking people, they always make sure you have jobs to do and are getting on okay. Everyone there is very passionate about their work and the horses and always put all their effort in to make sure everything is done, teamwork is a big part of being there and everyone works well together, with a good sense of humour too! 

 My confidence and self esteem has grown massively since starting here around 6 weeks ago. My experience and knowledge of horses are fairly limited but I feel like I have learned a huge amount in such a short space of time, and being here has helped me in my day to day life as well and has also helped me to achieve some personal goals too. 

I am keen to carry on with my volunteer work and would love to work there if any positions come up in the future. I am excited about continuing to learn more about Horses and the work the organisation does, I could not recommend this place enough, it is the most enjoyable work I have ever done!