Eat out for HEROS Charity

Make a reservation at any of 4,858 restaurants via ChariTable Bookings and know that £1 NET, for EVERY diner, will be donated by the restaurant to HEROS Charity at absolutely no cost to you.


HEROS Charity is delighted to be involved with ChariTable Bookings – a company with a social purpose. It was established by David Johnstone, founder of the Free Holdings group, and Lord Fink, a respected financier and leading philanthropist, to support fundraising for charities worldwide.

The initiative actively fundraises for more than 7,000 incredible charities across the UK while increasing revenue for participating restaurants by encouraging charitable giving at no cost to the public.

Charity supporters can enjoy dining at more than 4,000 restaurants across the UK, knowing they will raise much needed money for worthy causes close to their heart at absolutely no cost to themselves.


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