Jill joined HEROS Charity as a trustee in 2006 after a spending most of her working life in the motorsport world, first as Champion Lady GB rally driver and then as Company Secretary for her husband’s motorsport business in London.
Jill has had a passion for horses since childhood so HEROS was a perfect fit and she is one of our biggest supporters. In 1984, Jill and her husband moved to Warwickshire and brought a 66 acre farm where they bred a number of horses for eventing. Her oldest and dearest SPARKY retired and was PTS at North Farm Stud at a ripe old age.

Jill also set up a German Shepherd rescue centre and had great pleasure in finding good homes for many dogs. Jill helps enormously with find raising events as she has a great deal of knowledge in this field as runs her own fund raising events for the local school.

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