Gillie Rowland-Clark has owned and run a catering company in London for the past 40 years. 

Gillie has been fortunate to own many racehorses since 1991 and the highlight to date was winning the Italian Oaks in 2001 with Zanzibar, trained by Michael Bell. 

One of her main concerns has always been – what happens when they finish racing, there has to be a future for these wonderful creatures who have given their all on the track.  Gillie believes Grace Muir and her amazing team seem to have the answer so was delighted to be asked to be a Trustee and do all she could to help in the future.

Living for the past ten years in Fawley, she has seen so many lovely horses coming through the village on exercise and admired all that was being done by the excellent staff at HEROS.  Gillie had her first pony at the age of three and is still riding an ex-racehorse.

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