Francesca Compostella DVM, MRCVS, MSc (One Health) is a trained equine surgeon with a passion for racehorses and education. Francesca has extensive national and international experience in equine health, welfare, and relevant legislation; having worked globally with universities, government and private medical and veterinary partners. She further has teaching experience with a formal education training degree (PTTLS Level 2), having held several appointments as a lecturer in Europe and across Africa and being a regular speaker at Internationally recognised conferences and seminars. Francesca started her career as a surgeon working with thoroughbreds in racing and with sport horses. In the past eight years, she has focused on working and teaching veterinary and one health in low-income settings, leading her to develop a unique and versatile education approach. She first visited HEROS in 2017 and later joined as a Trustee in 2019, bringing her love and passion for horses and education on board!